Your twitpic could make you rich thanks to CrowdMedia

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              crowdmedia - make money from your twitpics

              crowdmedia – make money from your twitpics


              Have you ever wondered who is looking at your pictures on Twitter, if they are any good or even better if you could make money from them?

              CrowdMedia is a brand new startup launched in June 2013, who have developed a social monitoring tool called Ejeno.

              Ejeno searches through hundreds of millions of images posted on Twitter in real-time and identifies ‘newsworthy’ images. The CEO Martin Roldan states:

              the platform will be able to detect automatically when something happens around the world, and search for relevant images

              CrowdMedia through Ejeno then contacts the Twitter user:

              When we find a newsworthy image, the platform automatically sends a tweet to the user, who just has to click on a link to confirm that the photograph is his and whether he accepts to sell it for half of the proceeds.

              So how much money could you make from CrowdMedia? CrowdMedia will sell a non-exclusive licence for $20, regardless of the image’s content.

              “After 48 hours, that price goes down to $5 because we are only interested in what is happening in real time,” Roldan explains. “We are aware that $20 is a low figure and this has been the only criticism we have received so far. Of course, we’re listening to what people are saying. But it might be that it’s the right kind of pricing and that people are just not used to that. When an event has global reach, like the recent plane crash in San Francisco, images of the scene can be sold more than 1000 times at a $20 price tag. The copyright owner could easily make $10,000.”

              My advise to anyone reading this is, next time you snap an image on your mobile phone of a goat stuck up a tree or a old lady thwarting a gang of jewelry shop robbers with her handbag post it to Twitter as fast as you can.

              You never know who will come across it or how much money you could make!

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                      2 thoughts on “Your twitpic could make you rich thanks to CrowdMedia

                      1. It’s an interesting concept to be sure but I agree – they’re offering way to little for these images. Someone could be at the right place at the right time and snap a potential Pulitzer price image – and then sell if for $20! 🙁 Raise the price and you’ll be onto something.

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