Scoopshot gets $1.2m backing from stock photographer

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              This week Scoopshot announced it has received $1.2m funding from Yuri Arcurs to help it take-on more established stock photo sites.

              Yuri Arcurs is a microstock photographer so successful he sells on photograph every 8 seconds!

              Scoopshot intend on using this money to grow its international presence in the UK, US and Germany.

              Scoopshot executives are very excited about the potential of their company and where this financial backing could lead to.

              As you can read from the CEO Niko Ruokosuo’s quote below;

              Buyers are tired of wading through page after page of stale and over-used photography, before having to compromise

              For the first time, they can request exactly what they want and receive it within minutes and without spending a fortune,” he continues. “The birth of on-demand photography will be as much of a game changer for the photo industry as iTunes for the Music industry. It is our belief that the majority of stock photography will be on-demand within the next five years. To survive, photo sites must adapt and adopt new models for monetizing photography. It really is a case of do or die.

              Here at Microstocked we look forward to watching Scoopshot develop and progress.

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