Scoopshot – A first look

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        Today one of my good friends informed me about a new community based microstock website called Scoopshot, so I decided to wander over to and have a look for myself.

        From looking at the homepage Scoopshot looks pretty much like many other microstock sites. A beautiful responsive website, with smooth transitions and effects, including an infinite scroll on the front page to showcase the latest images and hidden menus to keep the homepage looking free from clutter.

        scoopshot - photos on demand

        scoopshot – photos on demand


        But when you look a little deeper you soon realize this unique microstock agency has taken a new approach to assisting picture researchers in getting the images they want.

        The image sourcing is on demand.

        You don’t trawl through the site looking for your pictures. They come to you. Directly and on demand.

        Rather than searching through a vast library of pictures, the user ‘requests’ images in way of creating a task.

        The photographers will then go out and complete your task and send you a selection of images to chose from.

        Scoopshot - start your task

        Scoopshot – start your task

        Just press the create a task button to and select your details, such as location, task duration and your business customization (logos, banners etc).

        The final price of any image you buy will be displayed below once all your details have been added.

        Scoopshot - enter the details of your task

        Scoopshot – enter the details of your task


        Then you just sit back and wait for the images to start rolling in!

        Another key difference between this agency and others from a sellers point of view is the simple payment structure.

        Sellers receive 50% of all their sales. Simple! Which in our opinion is a lot better than a lot of other agencies from a contributor point of view.

        All in all Scoopshot looks great. A simple way for buyers to get the unique images they want, tailored to their specific needs. And a great way for photographers to earn money in a transparent way from their work.

        The only problem I had is that I have forgotten my Apple ID and I couldn’t complete my task as I was unable to download the app to create my account. 🙁

        So Scoopshot if you are reading this please add the functionality to your site so that we can create accounts away from our mobile devices so that the more forgetful of us out there can also join in the fun!

        If you have used Scoopshot before as a seller or a buyer please leave a comment below and let us know how it was for you!

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