123RF iPhone App sells your pics

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            123RF iPhone App sells your pics!

            Sell pictures directly from your iphone

            Sell pictures directly from your iphone

            Taking photos on your phone is as simple as making a call and probably for many of us, just as commonplace. So what do you do when have taken the perfect picture, post it on your Facebook wall, show your friends or just forget about it?

            Well now you can sell your pictures using 123RF On-The-Go iPhone App. The description on the app store states;

            Build your online stock photo portfolio with the 123RF On-The-Go app. Now you can shoot stock photos directly from your mobile device and upload them to 123RF.com for sale at any time, from any where. Once your photos have been accepted, media buyers will be able to search, browse and license your shots within 24 hours from the time of acceptance. Monetizing your photos has never been easier!

            So get snapping, tag your photo, upload it to 123RF, straight from your phone, tag it some more and then watch the sales roll in.

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                  One thought on “123RF iPhone App sells your pics

                  1. Now that’s cool! I’ve been a photographer for several years but never considered using my iPhone to take pro photos to sell. I guess I need to read up on how to make them better quality so I can use this app!

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